Three Beautiful Boys {Claremont Family Photographer}

















The Longyears {Claremont Family Photographer}

I absolutly love my yearly dates with the Longyears. Their kids are a dream to work with and I love how silly and loving they are together. I had to laugh when I ran into their son at school and said hello. As I was walking away I could hear his buddy ask who I was. His response, “Oh, shes my photographer.” Love!
















A sandy session with a little something extra. {Claremont Family Photographer}

I met this wonderful family about 11 years ago when I was working in one of their son’s classrooms. From the first day of knowing him you fall in love. Some of the fun memories I have of him as a preschooler are: Halloween, when he dressed as Mr Incredible. When he came to school with a perfect speaker grid bruise from where he bumped his forehead on it. Probably asking him 500 times to please sit down in his seat at story time. He was a character then always filling the room with joy and is an even bigger character now. This shoot was taken at the beginning of spring break ( I know I’m so bad about blogging) on a cool early morning at Huntington Beach.This was their first pitstop of their road trip to visit some schools for their older boy, Harrison. Camden had everyone in hysterics when he was telling a fairly hefty dude in a wet suit how sexy him tummy was. I still smile when I see the photos. ¬†Some shoots feel like work while others just feel like you are laughing and having fun with old friends..this was one of those types.


**I would like to add that if you or any one you know has Downs Syndrome I would LOVE to photograph you as part of a personal project I am working on. I can’t get enough of these guy’s beautiful eyes and pure souls! Please contact me at [email protected] or hit “contact me” on the header of this blog. Thanks!

The Ewalds. {Claremont Family Photographer}

I have been so bad about keeping up with my blogging! My photography, daytime job, kids and life in general are keeping me pretty busy. I did want to share this lovely shoot. I just love baby Joaquin’s momma. When you are around her a gently calmness just radiates from every part of her being. She shared with me that she is becoming a doula and it all just felt SO right. Being in labor and trusting your body to do what is natural can be scary. It was for me. If I ever do it again I am hoping to have someone in there with me to keep me calm and help motivate me to be brave and strong. I mean, Gabriel was great but I think that it gets scary for the dads also, when they see you in so much pain. Any who. I adore this family, their beautiful baby boy and am excited to see Genessa expand her knowledge and love of doulaism. If you are interested in talking to Geneasa about your birth and pregnancy please feel free to send me an email!

Flowers, Sunshine and Togetherness. {San Dimas Family Photographer}

I am a big fan of mothers and daughters and grand children and happiness and realness and beautiful dreamy sunlight. That is what their session was all about. This is a grandma who loves her daughters and their babies. I had so much fun shooting it and even had a four year old on my back making silly faces at the babies to get some laughs. It was a beautiful evening. I have shot Liz, Luna and Baby V a few times. You can see Vincenzo’s new born session here: Baby V.¬†