The Ewalds. {Claremont Family Photographer}

I have been so bad about keeping up with my blogging! My photography, daytime job, kids and life in general are keeping me pretty busy. I did want to share this lovely shoot. I just love baby Joaquin’s momma. When you are around her a gently calmness just radiates from every part of her being. She shared with me that she is becoming a doula and it all just felt SO right. Being in labor and trusting your body to do what is natural can be scary. It was for me. If I ever do it again I am hoping to have someone in there with me to keep me calm and help motivate me to be brave and strong. I mean, Gabriel was great but I think that it gets scary for the dads also, when they see you in so much pain. Any who. I adore this family, their beautiful baby boy and am excited to see Genessa expand her knowledge and love of doulaism. If you are interested in talking to Geneasa about your birth and pregnancy please feel free to send me an email!

Flowers, Sunshine and Togetherness. {San Dimas Family Photographer}

I am a big fan of mothers and daughters and grand children and happiness and realness and beautiful dreamy sunlight. That is what their session was all about. This is a grandma who loves her daughters and their babies. I had so much fun shooting it and even had a four year old on my back making silly faces at the babies to get some laughs. It was a beautiful evening. I have shot Liz, Luna and Baby V a few times. You can see Vincenzo’s new born session here: Baby V.¬†

Poppy is Three {Claremont Family Photographer}

It is hard to believe that this little one is three years old. I have been photographing her since she was in her momma’s belly. For this shoot it seemed like three came with a little sass, independence, and silliness. This was a shoot I really enjoyed because Hillary and Justin (Mom and Dad) really just let the kids be themselves. No fake smiles. I love that Poppy is so serious and a tad stubborn in these photos because that pretty much sums up “three.” At least, it did for my son! ¬†These types of shoots mean so much to me because they are real memories. When they look back at these photos they will (hopefully) remember a good time in the hills that we spent together instead of a stressful rigid shoot. Love it!

New Life. {LaVerne Newborn Photographer}

I just love everything about this session. It was shot while I was going through a really difficult time, knowing I would soon be going to see my mom, who was fighting cancer in England and reaching the end of her battle. I remember while shooting this precious boy, the song by Jack Johnson with the lyric, “New life makes losing life easier to understand…” And while in the moment it doesn’t seem fair and it is so impossibly hard, it is true. New life means new hope and new dreams. It doesn’t make losing the people we love any easier but both events, new life and the ending of other’s, put priorities and things that you really (should) care about into perspective. For this I am so thankful to all the families out there who open their doors and let me take a look into their lives at such an intimate and beautiful time. It means so much.

Family. {Personal}

So many wonderful memories were made this past weekend when my sister invited us to stay with her in Oceanside. I wish I could spend all my days like this – lazily wandering north San Diego county in search of that “perfect beach.” Watching sea lions roll around on kelp beds along the shores, eating, tasting beers, watching Ezra boogie board for the first time, chasing a sandy baby, watching Olive throw sand and then give me her shocked face. We got to play at the beach while it rained warm water on us and not even care. It really was a magical time!